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Walking Pet Chicken Balloon - HEN Night

Walking Pet Chicken Balloon - HEN Night


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Perfect Balloon for the HEN Night - See what we did there...

Why not get a Hen to send to the bride with all the instructions for the final fling before the ring!! When, Where, What to wear etc!

We can handwrite your gift message and attatch it to the balloon.

This stunning helium filled foil balloon is decorated with shimmering curling ribbon and attached to a balloon weight.
The beautiful gift box is covered in spots. When the box is opened the balloon floats out as if by magic. The stars are on the inside of the box as well as the outside and the base of the box is lined with tissue paper and then sprinkled with sparkling metallic confetti.

We hand write your message on a gift tag and attach it to the balloon weight.

The balloon will float for days and days and days....
  • Model: AMZBHEN
  • Manufactured by: Not Just Balloons
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