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Happy Birthday Llama Presents Bubble Balloon

Happy Birthday Llama Presents Bubble Balloon


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This Balloon is no ordinary balloon! Bubble Balloons are made with clear Plastic in the shape of a huge bubble! What it says on the can really!

Bubble balloons are so amazing that these balloons stay inflated for weeks and weeks! We have had these still floating in the office after 6 weeks! Definitely a favourite balloon of ours here in the office!

This birthday llama patterned 22" helium filled bubble balloon is presented on one of our glorious patterned boxes, lined with a tissue paper base and then lovingly sprinkled with tissue paper confetti and air filled 5" balloons. More balloons the better we say!

When the box is opened the bubble balloon will float out as if by magic, a beautiful balloon surprise!
  • Manufactured by: Not Just Balloons

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